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Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College

The blessings of Lord Krishna and the benedictions of H.H. 108 Goswami Shri. Mathureshwarji Maharajshri had inspired the chief donors Late. Shri.Jumna Doss Dwaraka Doss and his brother Late. Shri.Amichand Doss Dwaraka Doss to donate the vast extent of land for the establishment of this college and Late. Shri.Purushotham Doss Gocoola Doss to donate the land for the establishment of the hostel. They together with the kind - hearted Vaishnav Gujarati and Rajasthani communities established Shri Vallabhacharya Vidya Sabha in the year 1963, with the sole purpose of imparting value based education for all and for the linguistic minorities in particular. The founding of the college was in the year 1964, His Holiness 108 Goswami Shri Maharajshri Mathureshwarji laid the... Read More

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An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatres.... Read More
In the past four decades the college has seen tremendous growth in its infrastructure. Through its complete and adequate infrastructure... Read More
The outstanding performance of our students in both curricular and co-curricular activities makes our college stand as an epitome of... Read More
The College adopt the guidelines stipulated by the government in its admission procedure. 1. All admissions into the college are... Read More
The College has been conferred the status of “AUTONOMY” by the UGC and endorsed by the University of Madras from... Read More

UG Courses – Shift – I

  S.no   Course Name Course
  Link App
1   B.A. (Economics)   DU01   Apply   100
2   B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)   DU02   Apply   100
3   B.Sc. Mathematics (MAN)   DU03   Apply   100
4   B.Sc. Mathematics (MPC)   DU04   Apply   100
5   B.Sc. (Physics)   DU05   Apply   100
6   B.Sc (Chemistry)   DU06   Apply   100
7   B.Sc (Plant Biology and Bio-Technology)   DU07   Apply   100
8   B.Com. (General)   DU08   Apply   100

  S.no   Course Name Course
  Link App
1   B.A. (Economics)   EU10   Apply   200
2   B.A. (Tamil)   EU11   Apply   200
3   B.A. (English)   EU12   Apply   200
4   B.Com. (General)   EU13   Apply   200
5   B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)   EU14   Apply   200
6   B.Com (Honours)   EU15   Apply   200
7   B.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry)   EU16   Apply   200
8   B.Sc. (Biotechnology)   EU17   Apply   200
9   B.Sc. (Computer Science)   EU18   Apply   200
10   B.Sc. (Visual Communication)   EU19   Apply   500
11   B.Sc. (Mathematics with Computer Application)   EU20   Apply   200
12   B.Sc. (Physics with Computer Application)   EU21   Apply   200
13   B.C.A   EU22   Apply   200
14   B.B.A   EU23   Apply   200
15   B.Com (Bank Management)   EU24   Apply   200
16   B.Com (Accounting & Finance)   EU25   Apply   200
17   B.A. (Criminology & Police Administration)   EU26   Apply   200
18   B.A. (Sociology)   EU27   Apply   200
19   B.Sc. (Interior Design & Decor)   EU28   Apply   200
20   B.Sc. (Psychology)   EU29   Apply   200
21   B.A. (Tourism & Travel Management)   EU30   Apply   200
22   B.A. (Business Economics)   EU31   Apply   200

  S.no   Course Name Course
  Link App
1   M.A. (Economics)   DP01   Apply   100
2   M.A. (Social Work)   DP02   Apply   500
3   M.Com   DP03   Apply   100
4   M.C.A   DP04   Apply   200
5   M.Sc. (Mathematics)   DP05   Apply   100
6   M.Sc. (Chemistry)   DP06   Apply   100

  S.no   Course Name Course
  Link App
1   M.A.(Business Economics)   EP01   Apply   250
2   M.A. (H.R.M)   EP02   Apply   500
3   M.A. (Journalism)   EP03   Apply   250
4   M.Com   EP04   Apply   250
5   M.B.A   EP05   Apply   750
6   M.C.A   EP06   Apply   250
7   M.Sc. (Physics)   EP07   Apply   250
8   M.Sc. (Micro Biology)   EP08   Apply   250
9   M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry)   EP09   Apply   250
10   M.Sc. (Bio-Technology)   EP10   Apply   250
11   M.Sc. (Computer Science)   EP11   Apply   250
12   M.Sc. (IT)   EP12   Apply   250

Ragging is totally prohibited in SOM and anyone found guilty of ragging is liable to be punished for the same.


(Direction by University of Madras, Chennai dt. 14/06/2010)

The issues related to ragging can be represented in the written form and posted in the box provided in the Department Library. The Director / Principal upon the receipt of any complaint, will convene and discuss the matter with the Ragging redressal committee. The complaints would be addressed by the Ragging redressal committee and necessary action would be taken immediately. (NOTE: The identity of the complaint will be kept confidential)


Dr. R.Thanigaivel Principal In charge Chair Person 9444354133
Dr. U. Amaleshwari Head of the Department Member 9952115609
Mr. T.K.Prasad Asst. Professor Member 9884095999
Ms. A.S.Poornima Asst. Professor Member 9791043382
Dr. D.Anuradha Asst. Professor Member 9841002428
Dr. K.R.Kolammal Asst. Professor Member 9841179463
Ms. V.R.Nandhiga Asst. Professor Member 8870501364
Ms. Vasugi Department Attendar Member 9710904241
Mr. Ranjith Student President Member 7810062099
Mr. Bhuvanesh Student Vice – President Member 9003139534

School of Management

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But it involves deliberation and much hesitation. The School of management journey began in 1995 with a surge of enthusiasm and a motto to enhance quality and value based learning.


The vision of School of Management DG Vaishnav College is to impart value and to contribute to the industry, society and students. The School offers varied content rich programs which give industry specific and has multidisciplinary approach. The objective is to build a better future offering enriched programs to meet requirements of the corporate. As per the saying “The highest education is that which does not merely give as in formation but makes our life in harmony with all existence”- Rabindranath Tagore.

The essential strong pillars of School of Management are its illustrious alumni, exemplary students, full time faculty and visiting faculty members from the corporate and industry. School of Management believes in experiential learning. The School organizes number of national and international events, management competitions and guest lectures through clubs.