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The Department of Botany was started with B.Sc. Degree Course (Duration: 3- years (6-Semesters)) in Botany with Chemistry & Zoology as Allied Subjects. NME/Basic Tamil/Advanced Tamil, Soft skill, EVS, Value Education & Extension Activities are also taught with the Major and Allied. In the year 2012, was introduced a Career Oriented Programme (Certificate Course – XI Plan UGC funded) – “Culture & Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms”  with an Aim of providing self employment opportunities to the out going students of the Final year.   In the Year 2016, was introduced “Full Time Ph.D Research Programme” & students were admitted for the same. In the Year 2009, the college attained autonomous status, under  which the department  received facilities to cope up with the changing trends in the Biology Course. In the year 2013, the Department became a part of DBT Science Center under Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, as our College attained DBT Star status.

Our Department has two separate labs for Major & Allied and a small Mushroom Cultivation room and Book Bank. Both Boys & Girls are admitted to our B.Sc. Degree Course. We have separate rest rooms for Boys & Girls.

Five Faculties with Ph.D./SET represent our Department with utmost sincerity and dedication to the budding Biologists pursuing the Course. All the faculties are engaged in Research/Publication of Articles/ Participation in Conferences etc. Every year, Students are taken to different areas of Vegetation for field studies in the name of “Botanical Tour”. With proper guidance and learning in Academics, our Students are inculcated with the Rich values of Indian Culture and Campus Discipline.  Our Faculties interact with Students and provide them proper counseling in both Academic & Personal matters.

Our Alumni remain in High positions here as well as other Countries, as Officers/ Scientists/ Professors. We record a meaningful rate of Success all these years.  We encourage our Students in many extracurricular/ cocurricular activities as well. Medals/Prizes/Cups brought to the College by our Students, every year, remain testimony to this.

Our Course Syllabus is in line with the TANSCHE and is subject to periodical revision with the introduction new contents

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates for admission to the first year of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Botany course are  required to have passed Higher Secondary examinations (In Biology Courses) conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu, or an examination accepted as equivalent thereto by the syndicate of the University of Madras. Aggregate marks obtained in Botany/Zoology/Chemistry/Physics will be considered for admission

Eligibility of Award of Degree

A candidate is eligible for the award of Degree, only if he or she has undergone the prescribed course for a period of not less than three academic years and passed all the Six Semesters and earning a minimum of 140 Credits (Parts I, II, III IV &V) prescribed.

Course of Study

The Various Components of the subject of study for Bachelor Degree in Botany, consist of the following: Part I: Foundation course (Any regional language prescribed – Tamil/Other languages) Part II: English Part III: Core courses / Allied subjects I and II / Electives with three courses Part IV : 1. Non-major Elective (NME)/Basic Tamil/Advanced Tamil.

  1. Skilled Based Subjects (Elective) – Soft Skills
  2. Environmental Studies (EVS)
  3. Value Education

Part V :  Extension Activities – NSO (Sports & Games)/NCC/NSS/Rotract/ Youth Red Cross/Literacy &Population Education/Field work


Title of the Paper Inst, Hr/Week   CREDIT  MARKS
Part-I : Language – Paper – 1 6 3 25 75 100
Part –II: English – Paper _1 4 3 25 75 100
Part –III: Core Paper – 1:  Algae, Fungi and Lichens 6 5 25 75 100
Major Practical 3 - - - -
Part –II: Allied Paper -1 (Zoology) 6 4 25 75 100
       Allied Practical 3 - - - -
Part – IV: Non Major Elective - I ( Vermitechnology) 2 2 25 75 100
Part – IV: Soft Skills – I 2 2 25 75 100
  32 19      
Part-I: Language – Paper – 2 6 3 25 75 100
Part –II: English – Paper - 2 4 3 25 75 100
Part –III: Core Paper – 2: Microbiology and plant pathology 6 5 25 75 100
 Core Paper  - 3 : Practical – I Algae, Fungi and Lichens & Basics in Microbiology and Plant Pathology 3 2 40 60 100
 Allied Paper -2 (Zoology) 6 4 25 75 100
 Allied Practical – I (Covering Both Allied Paper 1 & 2) 3 2 40 60 100
Part – IV:Non Major Elective -2 (Public Health & Hygiene) 2 2 25 75 100
Part – IV: Soft Skills –II 2 2 25 60 100
  32 23      

Passing Minimum

A candidate is declared passed in each theory paper/practical of all the subjects of course wherever prescribed, if he/she secures not less than 40% of the marks prescribed for the examination


Classification of successful candidates
Successful candidates passing the examination (PART- I,II,III &IV) and securing the marks (i) 60% and above and (ii) 50% - 60% in the aggregate, are declared passed the examination in the FIRST and SECOND class respectively. All other successful candidates scoring below 50% are declared  passed the examination in the THIRD class. All those Candidates who pass all the examinations (Part I,II,III &IV) prescribed for the course in the FIRST APPEARANCE  ITSELF, are only eligible for ranking


Question paper pattern consists of 3 parts

Theory Papers:

Section - A :- 10 questions out of 12 questions          =  20 Marks

Section - B :-  5 questions out of 7 questions             = 25 Marks

Section - C :- 3 questions out of 5 questions              = 30 Marks

Total Marks   =  75  Practical Papers: Total Marks       = 60

Faculty profile

Profile Picture Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Area of Specialization


Associate Professor & Head

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D -


Assistant Professor

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D -


Assistant Professor

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. -


Assistant Professor in Zoology

M.Sc., M.Phil., -


Assistant Professor

M.Sc. NET -

Programs and Events


Academic Activities 

The department conducts “Biofest” – Annual Academic Programme involving Faculties and Students.


Botanical Tour: 

In order to give practical exposure to students, the department takes students to various floristic areas every year and help them in preparing Herbarium


Guest Lectures/Workshops/Conferences

Department Organizes the above said Academic Programmes periodically throughout the year for enlightening the Students and updating them in the Academic field. They are also encouraged to take part in all these programmes in the College and Outside.