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Department Of Criminology

As a part of the academic expansion of Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College, the Department of Criminology and Police Administration was established in the year 2015. D. G. Vaishnav is the second college in Chennai city to offer an Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) in Criminology & Police Administration. As defined by Sutherland (1924), Criminology is “the body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon that includes within its scope the process of making laws, of breaking laws, and of reacting toward the breaking of laws.”
The Department of Criminology and Police Administration offers B.A. in Criminology in this truest essence where subjects are offered to understand crime, criminal behavior, law, police administration, correctional administration, victim assistance services and the like. Along with the theoretical input, Institutional Visits to Police Station, Fire and Rescue Station, Courts and Prisons are organized for the students to gain input on the practical functioning of the Criminal Justice System. Practical classes also includes Basic and Advanced Outdoor Training for students which comprises of drill, self defence training, swimming, trekking etc to build the physical stamina and instill a sense of discipline. The scope of Criminology not merely limited to serving in the Police Force but it includes career prospects in the field of research, security management, private detective and investigation, legal advocacy, human rights advocate, correctional officer, investigative reporter, victim assistance – NGOs and UN organizations etc.
The Department revises its syllabus to incorporate the ever changing forms of crime and the renewed methods of crime detection and prevention. In this regard, the department also offers THREE Certificate Courses: Fundamentals of Criminology, Victimology & Victim Assistance and Private Investigations and Security Management. The Department is proud to be the home ground of the Criminology Students Forum – SHERLOCKS and has organized various events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, special lectures, social activities, extra-curricular activities and so on.


  1. Eligibility for admission:

Candidates for admission to the first year of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & Police Administration shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations (Academic Stream) conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu or an Examination accepted as equivalent thereof by the Syndicate of the University of Madras.


  1. Eligibility of award of Degree:

A candidate shall eligible for the award of Degree only if he or she has undergone the prescribed course for a period of not less than three academic years, passed the examinations of all Six Semesters prescribed.

  1. Course of  Study:

The main subject of study for Bachelor Degree shall consist of the following:

Part I: Foundation course exclusive for language

Part II: English

Part III: Core courses / Allied subjects / Electives / Projects

Part IV: Non-major Elective and Skill based subjects

Part V: Extension Activities / Sports/NCC


  1. Passing Minimum:

A candidate shall be declared to have passed in each paper/practical of the main subject of study wherever prescribed, if he/she secured not less than 40% of the marks prescribed for the examination.

  1. Classification of successful candidates:


Successful candidates passing the examination and securing the marks (i) 60% and above and (ii) 50% and above but below 60% in the aggregate shall be declared to have passed the examination in the FIRST and SECOND class respectively. All other successful candidates shall be declared to have passed the examination in the THIRD class.

Candidates who passed all the examination (Part I, II, III & IV) prescribed for the courses in the FIRST APPEARANCE ITSELF ALONE are eligible for ranking.


SECTION – A (30 words)

10 OUT OF 12 – 10 X 2 marks = 20 marks

SECTION – B (200 words)

5 out of 7 – 5 x 5 marks = 25 marks

SECTION – C (500 words)

3 out of 5 – 3x 10 marks = 30 marks


  • For the batch 2018 onwards:
Subject Category Sem Subject Name Hours per week Credits Marks
Internal External Total
Foundation I Language –I 4 3 40 60 100
Foundation I English – I 4 3 40 60 100
Core I I Principles of Criminology 6 4 40 60 100
Core II I Criminal Law 6 4 40 60 100
Allied I I Basics of Forensic Science and Medicine 6 4 40 60 100
Non-Major I Computer Applications in Criminal Justice 2 2 40 60 100
I Soft skills 2 3 100
Foundation II Language –II 4 3 40 60 100
Foundation II English – II 4 3 40 60 100
Core III II Vigilance and Security Management 6 4 40 60 100
Core IV II Fundamentals of Psychology 6 4 40 60 100
Allied II II Special Laws 6 4 40 60 100
Non-major II Media and Crime 6 2 40 60 100
II Soft skills 2 3 100
Foundation III Language –III 6 3 40 60 100
Foundation III English – III 4 3 40 60 100
Core V III Human Rights and Criminal Justice Administration 6 4 40 60 100
Core VI III Social Problems 6 4 40 60 100
Allied III III Research Methods and Statistics 5 4 40 60 100
Allied IV III Practical I – Field Visits 5 40 60 100
III Soft Skill 2 3 100
III Environmental Studies 1
Foundation IV Language –IV 6 3 40 60 100
Foundation IV English – IV 4 3 40 60 100
Core VII IV Prison Administration 6 4 40 60 100
Core VIII IV Cyber Crimes 6 4 40 60 100
Core IX IV Guidance and Counselling 5 4 40 60 100
Allied IV IV Practical II – Outdoor Training 5
IV Environmental Studies 1 2 40 60 100
IV Soft Skill 2 3
Core X V Police Administration & Management 6 4 40 60 100
Core XI V NGO Management 6 4 40 60 100
Core XII V Practical III – Advanced Outdoor Training 6 5 40 60 100
Elective I V Victimology 6 4 40 60 100
Elective II V Community Policing 6 4 40 60 100
V Value Education 2
Core XII VI Prevention of Crime 6 4 40 60 100
Core XIV VI Contemporary Forms of Crime 6 4 40 60 100
Core XV VI Private Detective and Investigation 6 4 100
Elective III VI Crowd control and Riot management 6 3 40 60 100
Elective IV VI Project 6 3 40 60 100
VI Extension Activities



Ms. Amrutha Karayil M.A. (Criminology) – NET, JRF, M.A. (English) – SET, Diploma in Victimology & Victim Assistance
Assistant Professor & Head

Equipped with her dual Masters Degree – in Criminology & Criminal Justice Science and in English Literature from the University of Madras, Ms. Amrutha Karayil has extensive research interest in Victimology, Victim Assistance and Crimes against Women and Children. She cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) and secured the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in Criminology in 2009. She has to her credit a Diploma in Victimology and Victim Assistance from the Tokiwa International Victimology Institute, Tokiwa University, Mito, Japan. She has also completed Post Graduate course in Victimology from Dubrovnik University Centre, Croatia. An active member at the World Society of Victimology she is repeatedly invited as a resource person at the Asian as well as the European Post Graduate courses in Victimology. She has received the World Society of Victimology Fellowship in 2015 which is awarded to one person in a country, to partake in the esteemed International Victimology symposium which was held in Perth, Australia. She was the recipient of the prestigious Best Research Paper Award at the National Conference on Women Empowerment, held at Goa in 2014. She has published countless articles on Crimes against women, the socio-cultural dimensions of women victimization and has authored chapters in books regarding the Culture of Victim blaming in India. Ms. Karayil was pursuing her Doctoral Degree at the University of Madras (Specialization in Rape Myths), when she was assigned with the responsibility of starting and establishing a Department of Criminology & Police Administration at D. G. Vasihnav College.


Mr. Michael L. Valan M.A. (Criminology) – NET, JRF
Assistant Professor

Michael L. Valan is serving as an Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Police administration from June 2016. He has completed his Master’s and Ph.D.(ABD) in the Department of Criminology, University of Madras. During his research period he has worked as Research Assistant on several research projects sponsored by UNICEF and Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D). He has participated in several national and international conferences, seminars and workshops and presented papers at these events. He also published ten research articles in reputed scientific journals. He also visited Poland and Dubai for attending conferences. He was also invited as resource person for several programs organized by esteemed institutions such as MSSW, Bharathidasan University. His first research paper was awarded Best Research Paper at the 36th All India Criminology Conference held at New Delhi. He was also awarded the ISV Fellowship Award – 2016 in recognition of the significant contribution to the growth and development of the Indian Society of Victimology at the Fifth International and Ninth Biennial Conference of the Indian Society of Victimology. His areas of research include Victimology, policing and crime prevention.


Dr. Sowmya Kumar M.A. (Criminology) – NET, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sowmya. K has completed her Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice System (Specialization in Penology and Prison Administration). She has cleared NET – JRF in the year 2010. She was awarded Gold Medal for Best Research Paper in 2008 at All India Criminology Conference, Kashmir. She has 5 years of teaching and research experience. Her area of Specialization includes Forensic Science, Penology and Correctional administration, Victimology and Restorative Justice. She has published more than 15 research articles in journals and books. She has participated and presented papers in national and international seminar, workshop and conferences.


Mr. Deepak S. A. M.A. (Criminology) – NET, JRF
Assistant Professor

Mr. Deepak. S. A. has seven years of experience in teaching and research. He has cleared NET – JRF in the year 2011. He has submitted his Ph.D. dissertation on “Motivation for Serial Killing: Case studies on Serial Killers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala” which is a pioneer study in India and is awaiting the award of his doctoral degree. His area of specialization includes Criminal Psychology and Deviant Philosophy. He is a registered member of Indian Society of Criminology and Indian Society of Victimology. He has published articles/chapters in reputed journals and books. He has participated/contributed in many academic workshops, national and international conferences.