Controller of Examinations

The office of controller of examination is managed by shrewd academicians and administrators. It functions currently under the leadership of Dr. S.Selvaraju,  Controller of   examinations, Mr.J.P..Jaideep,  Deputy Controller of examinations and Dr. R. Muthezhilan,  Additional Deputy controller of examinations. The team is supported by 20 competent and committed clerical staff to maintain confidentiality. It incorporates values such us fairness, reliability, timeliness, accuracy and strives hard to provide quality assessment and evaluation. The work flow process of this office is computerized in order to  support  the demands of the students intime. The office of the controller of examinations arranges for scheduling examinations, central valuations of answer scripts and other incidental matters pertaining to the conduct of examinations such as nominal roll creation, attendance, CIA etc.

Semester System

The college follows the semester pattern cum Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Each semester has a minimum of 90 working days. The college follows day order system as specified in the calendar for the classes under both aided and unaided streams. The PG program curriculum is for 4 semesters in two (MCA – 6 semesters in three years) academic years and the UG program curriculum is for 6 semesters in 3 academic years.

Odd semester: From June to November

Even Semester: From December to April



PG Program :


 2 year programme: 90 credits

 3 year programme (MCA): 135 credits





Minimum Credits

2 Year Programme

3 year Programme

Part A

Core, Elective, NME and Extra Disciplinary



Part B

Soft skill, Internship








UG Program :

For 3 year programme: 140 credits



Minimum Credits

All Degrees

B.Com (Hons)

I & II








Core,  Allied & Project/Electives


1.Basic Tamil/Advanced Tamil/NME

2. Soft Skills

3. EVS

4. Value Education


Extension Activity

Compulsory Extension Services

A candidate shall be awarded a maximum of 2 credits for Compulsory Extension Services and all the students have to enroll themselves in NSS/NCC/NSO ( Sports & Games), Rotract/Youth Red Cross or any other service organization in the college and cell  and have to put in minimum attendance of 40 hours which  shall be dully certified by the principal  of the college before 31st March every year.  If a student lacks 40 hours attendance in the first year, he/she has to compensate the same during the subsequent years.

Students who complete minimum attendance of 40 hours in one year will get one credit and those who complete the attendance e of 80 or more hours in 2 years will get 2 credits.

Passing Minimum

A student shall be declared to have passed if he/she satisfies the following conditions:

Ø  There shall be No passing minimum for internal

Ø  To pass in the external  examinations students  have to secure 24/60 (40%) for all UG courses (Except Honors) and 30/60(50%) for all PG courses and B Com (Hons) in each theory paper / practical

For courses with project work the passing minimum will be 50% of the maximum marks prescribed.

Ø  In  the aggregate  (external & Internal) the passing minimum shall be 40% for UG courses

Ø  (Except B com Hons.) and 50% for PG and B com (Hons.) courses.

Ø  He/she shall be declared to have passed the whole examination (in UG and B Com (Hons.), if he/she passes in all papers and practicals whereever prescribed/ as per the scheme of examinations by earning 140 credits in Part I, II, III, IV& V .He/She shall also fulfill the extension activities prescribed earning a minimum of 1 credit to qualify for the degree in the case of UG and 90 credits in Part A & B and in the case of PG except MCA. In the case of MCA an aggregate of 135 credits should be earned and of students B Com (Hons.) shall be declared to have passed the degree provided he/she gets 165 credits in aggregate.

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

A series of 3 continuous internal assessment tests will be conducted three times every semester during the 4th and 5th hours .The students will be assessed for 40 marks in CIA.

 Break up for CIA – UG & PG: Marks (40)


Marks (40)


Marks (5)


Model Exam Marks

Marks (10)

CIA Test (Best  2 of 3 tests)

Marks (15)

Seminar & Assignment

Marks (10)


Marks (40)


Marks (5)


Marks (5)

Class Room Practicals

Marks (20)

Model Practicals

Marks (10)


For practicals, students will be awarded marks based on the cumulative assessment of the practical sessions assigned.

Attendance/Hall Tickets

Ø  Students must secure minimum 75 % attendance in each subject. They will not be permitted to appear for those subjects in which they have secured less than 75%.

Ø  Separate hall tickets are issued for Language, English & Major.

Online Registration (Refer Annexure I)

Online payment of examination fees has been implemented. All I year UG/PG students must register their names with the office of COE by paying I semester examination fees for all papers. All other students (II &III UG & II PG) should also register for all major, allied & soft skill papers including all arrears papers. All students must pay the semester exam fee each time whether they appear for exam or not.

Instruction to the candidates: Refer annexure II


Any student who indulges in malpractice will not be allowed to write the subsequent papers in that semester.  The respective paper will be declared as cancelled and he/she has to reappear for the same along with the other papers that he was prevented for his/her malpractice, in the subsequent semester examination.

Publication of the results

Results of both odd and even semester exam are published online in the month of December and May respectively.

Instant Examination

Only final year students can apply for Instant examination, if they failed in only one subject during the last semester. This is not applicable for practical papers and projects. Students who have indulged in malpractice are not permitted to appear for instant examination.


Mark sheets, Course completion certificates and Consolidated mark sheets are given to final year students with credits on passing all the papers. On completion of every semester, Mark sheets are issued to all the students immediately.


The controller of examination initiates and coordinates the convocation programme of the college every year.   All graduands of UG & PG are invited and their degrees are conferred on the day of convocation.

The Redressal Cell

The controller of examinations secretariat has devised a redressal mechanism for addressing issues regarding internal/external marks. The redressal cell will assess the genuinity of the issues and take appropriate actions.



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