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With the blessing of Lord Almighty, the Department of Sociology was started in the year 2015 with an aim of providing conducive ambience for learning Sociology. Our vision is to encourage our students, our colleagues, and the community we live in to foster a greater awareness and understanding of the social issues and sociological forces that affect us all. To achieve our Vision, our Mission is to generate knowledge, build stronger communities and promote understanding of social forces. Our commitment is to superior, quality teaching which will propel students into a lifelong search for greater knowledge and understanding of our social world. Our introductory and upper-division courses will encourage students to “think sociologically.” Our students will expand their knowledge and critical thinking, hone analytic skills, and learn to use sociological tools to understand complex social issues, patterns of social structure, and the interplay between biography and history within their program of study and their everyday lives. Together with our students we aspire to be active contributors to sociological knowledge by engaging in scientific research, using accepted sociological theories and methods. 

Eligibility for Admission:

Candidates for admission to the first years of Bachelor of Arts (BA) course shall be required to have passed Higher Secondary examinations conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu, or an examination accepted as equivalent thereto by the syndicate of the University of Madras.

Aggregate marks obtained in Commerce/Business studies, Accountancy, Mathematics / Business Mathematics/Economics/ Computer science/any stream will be considered for admission.

Eligibility of Award of Degree:

A candidate shall eligible for the award of Degree only if he or she has undergone the prescribed course for a period of not less than three academic years, passed the examinations of all Six Semesters prescribed.

Course of Study:

The main subject of study for Bachelor Degree shall consist of the following:

Part 1: Foundation course exclusive for language.

Part 2: English

Part 3: Core courses / Allied subjects I and II – Job and skill oriented entrepreneurship components.

Part 4 : Non-major Elective and Skill based subjects.

Part 5 : Extension Activities / Sports/NCC

For the batch 2015 onwards:

Subject Category Sem Subject Name Hours per week Credits Marks
Internal External Total
Foundation I Language –I 4 3 40 60 100
Foundation I English – I 4 3 40 60 100
Core I I Principles of Sociology-I 6 4 40 60 100
Core II I Indian Society 6 4 40 60 100
Allied I I Social Psychology 6 5 40 60 100
Non-Major I Mass Media and Development 2 2 40 60 100
  I Soft skills 2 2     100
Foundation II Language –II 4 3 40 60 100
Foundation II English – II 4 3 40 60 100
Core III II Principles of Sociology -II 6 4 40 60 100
Core IV II Social Problems in India 6 4 40 60 100
Allied II II Social Anthropology 6 5 40 60 100
Non-major II Elements of Insurance 2 2 40 60 100
  II Soft skills 2 2     100
Foundation III Language - III 6 4 40 60 100
Foundation III English - III 6 4 40 60 100
Core V III Classical Social Thinkers - I 5 4 40 60 100
Core VI III Social Movements in India 5 4 40 60 100
Allied III III Social Demography 5 5 40 60 100
  III Soft Skill 2 2     100
  III Environmental Studies 1        
Foundation IV Language - IV 6 4 40 60 100
Foundation IV English - IV 6 4 40 60 100
Core VII IV Classical Social Thinkers - II 5 5 40 60 100
Core VIII IV Research Methodology and Statistics 5 4 40 60 100
Allied IV IV Political Sociology 6 4 40 60 100
  IV Environmental Studies 1 2 40 60 100
  IV Soft Skill 2 2      
Core IX V Rural Sociology 6 5 40 60 100
Core X V Urban Sociology 6 5 40 60 100
Core XI V Industrial Sociology 6 5 40 60 100
Core XII V Sociology of Development 6 5 40 60 100
Core XIII VI Medical  Sociology 6 5 40 60 100
Core XIV VI Communication, Media and Society 6 5 40 60 100
Core XVI VI Project cum Viva Voce 6 5 - - 100
TOTAL       144      

Passing Minimum:

A candidate shall be declared to have passed in each paper of the main subject of study wherever prescribed, if he/she secured not less than 40% of the marks prescribed for the examination.

Classification of successful candidates:


Successful candidates passing the examination and securing the marks (i) 60% and above and (ii) 50%and above but below 60% in the aggregate shall be declared to have passed the examination in the FIRST and SECOND class respectively. All other successful candidates shall be declared to have passed the examination in the THIRD class.

Candidates who passed all the examination (Part I,II,III &IV) prescribed for the courses in the FIRST APPEARANCE  ITSELF ALONE are eligible for ranking.





Profile Picture Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Area of Specialization

Dr. C.Chidambaranathan

Assistant Professor & Head BA

M.A.,Ph.D, (NET)
  • Sociology of Health

Dr. I. Jenitta Mary

Assistant Professor

M.A., Ph.D, (NET)
  • Population Studies

Mr. Mohammad Illiyas

Assistant Professor

  • ...

Dr. Eva Rosalin santhakumari

Assistant Professor

M.A Ph.D
  • ...

Our students participated in Seminars, Conferences and Special Lecture Programmes.

Our Students had won Prizes for Best Short film in Loyola College Socio Fest 2018 and First Prize for Short Film in Naagari Organized by M O P Vaishnav College.

Our Students had won prizes in Farm Fest

Our Students had won prizes in cultural competitions in other institutions.

Our Students had donated blood in our college Blood Donation Camp.

Shiva Ramakrishnan, III B A, had contributed to win many Volley Ball Championship matches.

Academic & Cultural Activities: 

The department every year conducts academic programmes and made students to attend and excel in both academic and cultural fests. Many of our students won prizes in various cultural activities organized by other institutions. The department plan to conduct every year a National seminar/Conference and other Special Lecture programmes to enlighten our students. Moreover the department plan to organize “SSS Fest” every year.


Field Visit:

In order to give research exposure to students, the department every year arranges for Field visit/Places.



The Department started SSS – Student Forum. This Forum supported to conduct programmes in our department. It will organize student activities in regular basis.